IISCN CopiXP 6.0

CopiXP is a clipboard utility, which includes Super Copy and Super Clipboards
6.0.0 (See all)
IISCN Software Inc.

CopiXP is a powerful clipboard utility, which includes Super Copy and Super Clipboards.
Key Features:
- Provide up to 99 clipboards, all of them are completely identical with the original Windows clipboard: operates in the same way, supports the same digital formats (text, image, audio, and more); Automatically switch to next clipboard, or manually switch to other clipboard by mean of customized shortcut key or menu command; Automatically save and restore each clipboard contents between Windows Sessions;
- Recover and copy hidden password from normal Windows Dialogs as well as HTML web pages;
- Copy any text information from normal Windows Dialogs and HTML web pages, which is usually hard to copy by normal methods;
- Retrieve the class and handle information of any Windows controls, which would be useful for programmers;
- Support Windows 9X/ME/NT/2K/XP and Framed HTML pages.
New features in this version:
- Up to 99 clipboards is available;
- Drag clipboard item and drop it onto other application window;
- Optional skipping locked clipboard item while loop through using hotkeys
- Key "Win" can be used in hotkey combination;
- When super copy listview or listbox, you can copy selected items as well as all items.

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